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What is T40 Technologies?

T40 Technologies is a tech company that works with transport and logistics companies to make their operations more efficient

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    Will T40 Technologies help me get more customers

    The answer is yes, we advertise your services on our retail shop (Intercity.ng) and also help you create services your customer love

      Can T40 Technologies help my business make more money?

      Yes, our products and services help you reduce the expenses of running your transport business while optimizing services that will bring you more money

        Do I have to pay money to get started

        No, you do not have to pay any fee before getting started

          Is the Operator app accessible to just anyone

          No, it isn't you'll have to meet up with some requirements to have access to the Operator app

            How can i get access to the Operator app

            - You'll have to meet these requirements.

            1. 1) Have an existing interstate transport business
            2. 2) Have a minimum of two operational vehicles
            3. 3) Have a growth mindset and be passionate to provide quality service to customers

            I do interstate transport, can I be a partner with T40

            Yes we partner with interstate transport companies

              Do you onboard logistics companies too

              Yes we partner with interstate logistics companies

                I want to get a new vehicle, how do I begin

                1. 1) Firstly the vehicle has to be used for interstate transportation
                2. 2) Secondly you have to have an existing transport company
                3. 3) Thirdly, you'll would need to use our solutions for a minimum of 3 months
                4. 4) Please contact T40 support to get started

                Can the Operator app be used for logistics too

                Yes the Operator app can be used for logistics operations

                  How can T40 help my business

                  T40 uses tech-driven solutions to advance interstate transport companies operations. T40 helps it's partners to better manage their operations from anywhere in the world, helps in customer retention, helps in customer data management, fleet management, expansion and so on. Your business will advance in both tech space and also customer-wise

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