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Introducing Travellerz:

The First Operations Support Network For Transport Companies in Nigeria

Travellerz is a tech-driven operations support network for interstate transport businesses.

Get tech support, ready-to-deploy vehicles, and trained drivers for your transport business at no extra cost.

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Introducing the New T40 POS

Unleashing unlimited possibilties for your intercity transportation and logistics business
  • Fast and reliable mode of payment for your customers.
  • Track sales performance of your company
  • Better inventory management
  • Unlock more business opportunities

What we offer


A fast and reliable mode of payment for your customers. Lets you track sales performance of your company.


An onboard multi-user entertainment system designed to serve each customer, personally.

T40 Investment

An opportunity to invest in transport operator services and meet your investment goals. Track your investments and get notified about new investment opportunities.

Our Industry Leading Products

Operator Management Portal

The Operator Management Portal is a web application that allows an intercity transport operator to easily carry out business operations such as station, route, fare, vehicle, logistics, driver, and customer management.

Operator Admin App

This is a mobile app offered as a companion to the Operator Management Portal. It allows an intercity transport service operator to issue electronic tickets directly from their cloud inventory. It also connects to a thermal printer for physical printouts.

Retail Webshop

We offer operators an opportunity to open up e-commerce sales channels by either listing their rides on our live webshop or licensing our software to set up their own branded website to sell tickets to travelers.

Traveler Booking App

This is the mobile companion to our webshop. It allows travelers to search and compare rides. It also features a vehicle and tracking feature as well as a ride review feature. An operator can request this app branded for them.

Tracker Mobile App

Also known as the 'Tracker App' is a mobile real-time tracking application with geo-fencing and geo-location capabilities.


An onboard multi-user entertainment system designed personally to serve each customer

So you are never in doubt, stuck or without support. In addition to our dedicated and dispersed team, T40 offers specific technical support for any challenges with the software and hardware solutions, within a 12-hour daily support period.

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