Terms and Conditions

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Operator Accounts

Accounts created on the T40 Operator Application can only be accessed by the user by entering their log in details. Upon Completion of registration, the operator's account will be active for an indefinite period until there is need to quit the account.


Services offered by T40 Operator Application/ Pos are designed to make it easier for an operator to manage and digitize his services making it more customer - operator interface friendly.
The T40 Operator Application/ Pos provides the following services :
1.Managing and entry of bookings
2.Receiving payment.
3.Receiving and responding to messages.
Note : The T4O Operator Application works on the pos and also functions on android phones.

Privacy Policy

Using the T40 operator application/Pos, the customer gives us certain information voluntarily. The T40 Operator application ensures the confidentiality of information provided by customers.

Delivery and installation

The responsibility of delivery and installation of the T40 Operator Application and Pos will be carried out by T40.

Proprietary Rights

The T40 Pos and Operator Application is strictly the property of T40 and can be retrieved on the following circumstances:
2.Inappropriate use of the Pos and application.
3.Careless handling of T40 Pos.

Software Support

In the event of any software problems, T40 will provide software support solutions to ensure the pos and applications are running smoothly.


At T40 we encourage open communications . Communications regarding complaints, business support or enquiries should be sent [email protected] or calls can be placed to 07010069307

Refund Policy

Operators will be liable to refund T40 of any damaged Pos. The refund will be payable to the worth of the Pos.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Liability

By subscribing to the operator application and pos, the operator enters into a binding offer to conclude a contract for the intermediation of the services rendered by the operator application and pos.
We assume no liability for the following:
1.Damaged pos.
2.Loss of pos.