Upgrade your operations with the right solutions
Our unique and powerful suite of products and services, help you run your entire business effectively from anywhere
Operator PoS/App


Break the redundancy that comes with paper-and-pen data entry.
Print booking information for your customers as tickets.
Issue tracking code for customers sending or receiving packages.

Inventory Management

Keep track of ticket sales and best selling routes at any of your station.


Access real-time sales and performance reports from anywhere and anytime.
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Online Marketing

Harness the power of online marketing to sell your services to more customers.

Build excellent customer relationship

Receive quality feedback from your customers through the right channel at the right time to deliver better personalized experiences that boost sales.
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Start or expand your transport business

Get well maintained vehicles, tech and operations support to increase revenue.

Upgrade your services

Offer a better customer experience with premium vehicles offering USB ports, air conditioning and entertainment.
Operator API

Build tech solutions for your transport business

End-to-end solution fully customizable for transport and logistics businesses.
Use our tech solutions to build your business web and mobile platform.
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Offer premium entertainment to your passengers

Entertain your passengers with our media system, providing a comfortable ride to them
Make your ride a memorable one, providing customers with movies to watch, music and a host of other entertaininments.
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